The Selfie Movie Awards


The Only Awards Show Where You're the Star!

Have you ever dreamed you were a Movie Star? Have you ever desired to attend a Gala Awards Banquet as a nominated Actor or Actress? Or maybe you're a Director or a Make-Up Artist. Well, now your Dreams have come true!

Introducing The Selfie Movie Awards! The only awards competition and show where You're the Star.

You and your spouse or partner, or you and a group of your friends, will choose a scene from one of your favorite movies or TV shows. Together, you will re-create that scene as best as you can in the form of a short 3 to 5-minute video clip and submit it as a nominee for the Selfie Movie Awards.

You can use whatever means you want to shoot and edit your clip. An iPhone, your own video camera, or even hire pros to help you with your production. All is fair in TV and movies! And if you hire pros, they too can sign-up to be considered for an award as Cinematographers, Editors, and/or Directors. If one of your friends does your hair and make-up, they too can sign-up to be considered for a Make-up Artist award.

All the entries will be posted on our website and you can also share your scene on social media and encourage family and friends to log in to the Selfie Movie Awards website to vote for your scene in the various categories. A panel of distinguished and not-so-distinguished local professionals will also assist in selecting the best scene, performances, and final winners.

Finally, and this is where the fun really begins,... All the participants and nominees will get their gowns and tuxedos ready, limousines will be rented, extravagant restaurant reservations will be made and the champagne will be chilled and readied for...

Sounds like a blast, right? We can't wait... how about you?

How the Competition Works

Selfie MovieAwards

Gala Event 2024

Premiering in the Greater Sacramento Area 2024